Floating wind


Wind, solar and tidal





Floating wind, solar and tidal power plus battery storage or hydrogen/desalination


Floating wind turbines using vertical axis wind turbine technology can be designed to be conventionally stable and therefore safer at sea. This is because vertical axis wind turbines have the very heavy generator under the rotor, which lowers the vertical centre of gravity. As they used to say, 'an ounce at the top of the mast is a lb on the keel'.


The floating platform has deck space that can be usefully converted to solar power generation.

Tidal stream generation

The superVAWT blade control technology has also been validated in water and has shown an increase in efficiency over conventional turbines. It is also possible to implement variable swept area technology. This is where a second blade is nested inside the blade. In times of low flow, the second blade is extended to increase energy capture. This has been modelled to increase annual energy capture by 70% in tidal stream applications. The floating platform could have tidal superVAWT turbines fitted in appropriate sites.

Battery technology

There are a number of battery storage technologies that could be installed on the platform depending on the requirements of the site.

Green hydrogen/desalination

The technology to produce hydrogen from sea water is already proven and its combination with renewable power will decarbonise hydrogen production and use. SuperVAWT technology would reduce the cost of green hydrogen production on floating platforms by 30-75%. Although offshore production is more expensive than onshore, electro cable transmission lossess are also high far from shore and technology that allows hydrogen to be stored as a solid could make sites far from land economic. In the UK, green hydrogen production could be worth £320 billion to the UK economy by 2050 and create 120,000 jobs. Desalination technology is often part of the process to produce hydrogen from sea water and therefore desalinated water could also be produced.

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